11 February 2008


This is a snoot. It constricts the light from the flash to a much more directional shot. It probably should be made of something more opaque, but this worked for playing around. It really has some interesting possibilities for portraits and stuff.

Look how crazy Jesse's eyes look. I guess the light scattered in one of them giving her a two-tone look.

I haven't done much serious photography lately. I've really been thinking and praying about it a lot and the more "into" it I am, the less clearly I can think about it (I think). I miss it though. I haven't gone out and shot anything and our place is too small for me to get too crazy on DIY lighting stuff (cause I have to put everything up before we go to bed or else it'll be in the way the next day). So I've just been watching sunrises and sunsets go by and it kills me. I'm really trying hard to focus on work while I'm at work and after the days over I feel like I've wasted a day. Part of me thinks, "Well, just take it easy and work. You'll have all the time in the world to work on photography in 5 months." But that goes against everything I feel is right. Nothing frustrates me more than someone who continually says they're going to do/try something and never seems to get around to it. If it means anything to you... do it! I don't get it. So I really don't like the thought of putting this all on the backburner for a few months, but like I said, I'm also praying about it and if that's what God wants, then I'd be stupid not to.

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scott said...

maeby is really photogenic...