18 February 2008


Some funny stuff... for you.

5 Most Badass Presidents of All Time

on T.Roosevelt...
Did we mention he had asthma growing up? He did, and after he beat asthma to death, he ate asthma's raw flesh and ran 100 straight miles off the energy it gave him.

Billy showed me this the other day: The LOL Cat Bible

Genesis 1

1 Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem...

6 An Ceiling Cat sayed, im in ur waterz makin a ceiling. But he no yet make a ur. An he maded a hole in teh Ceiling.7 An Ceiling Cat doed teh skiez with waterz down An waterz up. It happen.8 An Ceiling Cat sayed, i can has teh firmmint wich iz funny bibel naim 4 ceiling, so wuz teh twoth day.

and today: Eat it, you whiny Muslims.

And finally, this was the device I used to make that heart light in the photo below (previous entry)...

(crap, i feel terrible today. i think my sinus congestion has kicked it up a notch to full blown infection. and i've got a fever blister now. tubular.)

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