28 January 2008

Animal Collective (& Jon Brion) (& Hans Zimmer)

I’ve been listening to this CD recently by the band Animal Collective (Strawberry Jam) and it is seriously one of the most unique I’ve heard in a while. It’s extremely chaotic, but so melodic. It you can let the chaos kind of wash over you; all the underlying sounds are just incredible. (It’s kind of like the beach boys on... some sort of electronic drug.)

These are my two favorite songs. I’d love to know what you think (particularly since Todd didn't like them) (give them a sec to load on the download page)...

For Reverend Green


I also thought I would throw this song out there. this is an orchestrated piece by Jon Brion from the movie Magnolia. I love this song. I think it's probably more moving if you've seen the movie because you can imagine all the characters struggling so hard to fix their lives. I love the rest of the soundtrack, but this one lately has really stood out to me. If you haven’t seen Magnolia, you really should. It’s tremendous.

I've Got a Surprise for You Today

[01/29] Having said that, I’d feel like I cheated you if I didn't also include my favorite song from The Thin Red Line. I think that I enjoy that song from Magnolia so much because it reminds me of this one. If you haven't seen The Thin Red Line, you should, but not late at night. It’s a slow movie with lots of internal dialog; however, the parts that are (emotionally) moving are really quite moving. And the music really is something else. This is my favorite song from it. It really seems to encompass the entire movie. It’s so colorful and emotional; it just keeps driving and building to the heavenly second half.

Journey to the Line

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