30 January 2008

Who Wants a Family Portrait?

jess and i were messing around with a ghetto portrait studio last night in the dining room. (there are a lot more of jess and i. i'll get to those soon.) that's a pretty good one considering all the outtakes looked like this:

this was something i'd been wanting to try this for a while now (just one shot setting off the flash multiple times (i.e. no multiple exposures)). there are just some many possibilities in the world of flash photography.

(that me on the right has some shifty eyes.)


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Are you gonna put my mutant face one up?

Josh said...

haha. not unless you really want me to.

Billy H. said...

That first one is a funny "yearbook" photo of Maeby! You should give her some sort of superlative under the photo.

Josh said...

yeah totally. it really needs a different border and post processing. maybe soft glow or something. she has such a funny unassuming face at night.