11 January 2008

Garden of the Gods: One Year on Flickr!

Balanced Rock Garden of the Gods

(thanks to jess and sam for sitting out there with me while i sat there waiting for these :) )

i just realized that i uploaded my first photo to Flickr one year ago today. man, what a process it's been. i've learned SO much in that time. awesome. thanks for all your support (and many compliments), everyone!


Billy H. said...

Very "Baraka"!

Josh said...

ha. yeah.

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Thought you were going to post more...No more?

scott said...

those are some pretty sweet pictures, brosephus!

i'd say there is a lot of hard work involved in getting to this point, but there's no doubt you've got a good deal of natural talent for it too- i wonder if you've ever considered covering like a wedding or something? Seems like you'd be good at that too...... stupid....(well i couldn't be 100% positive, could i??)

Josh said...

thanks scott. yeah, talent is a weird thing; it's hard to get a good feel for how much or the quality of it you have. every time i go out to shoot i get nervous that i might not be able to take anything i'm proud of, but it never fails that i come back with something i love.

i think weddings are a lot of work and i'd need help photographing one depending on the size. it'd be scary. no re-do's. i've only ventured to shoot that little girl's bday party. that was difficult enough for me :) but who knows what i'll come across down the road.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, isn't nature rocks?