09 January 2008

"Asia: Four little letters, three billion little people."

that's from Steven Colbert (inventor of Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle). it's on a list of the Top 100 Funny Quotes. these should impress your friends. maybe.

(haitian baby jesus from the haitian nativity scene jesse's grandmother didn't want)

also, i think i'll be voting for Ron Paul. i like the cut of his jib.

it's funny, his ideas and concepts are pretty simple and basic and common sense, but so revolutionary that the rest of the candidates mock him like he's crazy. very interesting. i dont know how it'll be possible for him to win, but i wish him the best and look forward to seeing how he does.

(from scott's bday dinner the other night)

(from christmas day. jesse wearing the ugliest christmas hat ever.)

(more in the morning)