26 January 2008

My Left Eye is 20/20 and My Right is 20/15

pretty amazing. (thanks to my awesome wife for bringing the camera. i was bit preoccupied to think about it.)

i was pretty dang nervous about it (as you can see from my picture down below), but jess and jordan were there with me so that helped.

the doctors walked me through everything for the first 2 hrs, then they gave me some valium (i requested a full 20mg (double normal)) and then went in for the kill.

honestly, the actual surgery was rather uncomfortable. my eyes were pried open and really bright LEDs shined into them and squished into a holding device. however, the sugery only took 5 min. 5. my vision was corrected forever in 5 min. incredible. so while it was really uncomfortable, it was also super fast and not bad at all (overall).

i came home and slept for several hours, woke up and could see everything. it was... beautiful. truly. and today i'm fine.

there's not much to see here, but it's here (you can hear the music he was playing in there. it was funny how loud it was, but it REALLY helped take my mind off my cut-open eye)...

i'm going to try and convert the real one where you see my eye close up. i'll try and post it soon. thanks for the prayers everyone.


scott said...

twas blind and now you see...

so what's it like?

also- i've got something you can read: i just blogged 4 times today! booya!

Billy H. said...

I would give anything to be able to have that surgery but my optometrist says I can't. AGHH!

I'm glad your stuff went well! Oh yeah, the Girl Talk in Seattle stuff is great!

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Thanks for divulging(!) that's I'm awesome. You're pretty great too. I blogged! See you later, toot-scoot.