28 January 2008

My Newest Camera Toy(s)

will it ever stop? (i'm sure jess asks herself that everyday...) honestly, i'd like to think so... but here we are.

on to the toy!

it's a wireless sync for my external flash. now i can take a picture and have the flash go off anywhere within 30m of me. how fun is that?

look how weird i look without glasses. (honestly though, i'm starting to like how i look without them, so that's a bonus!) you can see the little transmitter thing on top of the camera and the flash behind my head.

is that Gozar in my freezer? (sorry, i couldn't find one daggum link to Gozar (i.e. Ghostbusters))

this is with the flash (sittin' in the tub) in total darkness. check out our new shower curtain jess picked out! does it rock or what? (it's made up of travel posters)

what's maeby cookin up under there?!

and speak of the devil, my other toy JUST came in while i was writing this! (what an awesome monday!) any guesses as to it's use?

1 comment:

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

uh, you told me. it's...for the flash?

WILL it ever stop? :*

I like the middle ones, of Gozar, shower curtain and Maeby. The shower curtain looks aMAZing.