18 January 2008

Glasses? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Glasses.

well, this is officially my last week wearing glasses. as of next friday, i will have laser corrected corneas... via LASIK. and i'll be honest, thinking about it makes me rather nervous. not so much that something could happen to my eyes (because it's a pretty straightforward surgery, the doctor i'm going to is awesome, and the eyes are the fastest healing part on the body), but that it's such a change. i've been wearing glasses since the 6th grade (i tried contacts for a month but was too lazy for them). it's the only "accessory" other than a watch that i can'tremember not having. i told todd, to me, it's basically the equivalent of having a procedure done that would give me the knowledge of knowing exactly what time it was at any time without a watch. i'd never have to wear a watch again, but i like watches and i'd probably wear one anyway because i'm so used to it. i'm worried that i'll feel stupid with glasses; i'm worried i'll regret having it done and not getting to wear glasses anymore. and that makes me nervous.

however, as a long time glasses wearer, i do know how crappy they can be to have. going from hot to cold, dry to humid, rain, exercising, wiping sweat from my face, binocular eyepieces, camera eyepieces, swimming... all of these things and more are impeded or hindered by glasses. not to mention night vision and glares from cars and street lights. so there is a large part of me that says, "f glasses. i renounce glasses." and that part of me can't wait to get my eyes fixed.

i'm excited about it. i'm nervous, but i think it'll be for the best. i dont want to mess with glasses in the peace corps.

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