29 January 2008


That one above is kind of creepy if you look at it too long. Like she's about to get hit by a car or something. This was messing around last night with the new flash diffuser and wireless sync.

An over exposed Dudley is the best exposed Dudley.

For every photo you see on here, there are probably 15-20 additional ones i took. Does it seem bizarre to anyone that I take this many photos (on average) per day? Sometimes it does to me. It's like I'm subconsciously preparing for some photo extravaganza somewhere down the road. It'd be neat if that turned out to be the case. (Although I'm not exactly sure what any type of extravaganza would entail.)

On an unrelated note, this would be the awesomest present ever (wink). (Oh man, you can get 'em for like $11 on ebay!)


scott said...

holy crap i love that phone thing!! that's so awesome!
i'd use the crap out of one of those... i seriously might get one... hmmm....

also cool pictures, cool duds, and cool jesse...

Josh said...

seriously. how awesome that be to use in the car while driving?!

really awesome. that's how awesome.