21 September 2007

The Big Guns

so here it is, the latest and greatest...

Photoshop CS3 (463mb)

it's archived with WinRAR (if you don't have winRAR you need to get with it). if you have any questions, just ask.

if you would like something to "fix" pictures, but don't need the beast or just want something slightly less hardcore, below is Adobe Lightroom. it's fairly user friendly, let's you fix a lot of common problems with photos, and is only 22mb.

Adobe Lightroom (22mb)

while i'm at it, and you might not care about these at all, but here are the links to Photomatix (3mb)and Neat Image (4mb). Photomatrix does this. Neat Image does this. both are spectacular programs.

and now you know what josh uses.

and we all know, that's half the battle.

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jesse elizabeth hunter said...

la la lala. Look how great I am. la lala la la.