19 September 2007

Hey Everyone! Come See How Good I Look!

Jess brought to my attention last night that she thought my blog had been more “look what I can do / how cool I am” than “hi, how are you” recently, citing all my pictures and “work” and stuff. I was rather surprised by this. I hope this isn’t how everyone has perceived it. Is it? Because it’s not supposed to be. (I actually feel a bit silly addressing this.) There’s no ounce of haughtiness or “hey everyone come see how good I look” in any of this (even though I do indeed look good). Maybe if I was posting it on a public forum (public as in, others can post there too) like the MJ blog you could argue otherwise, but I don’t make anyone come here (well, sometimes I strongly encourage it. STRONGLY). The reason I post these (incredibly cool) photos is because I find them incredibly cool and therefore am excited to share them with everyone else. If you had photos that were incredibly cool, I’d want you to share them with me. This isn’t a celebration of my talents; it’s about things I enjoy. I don’t spend time looking through Flickr and shooting down all the other great photographs because they aren’t mine; I celebrate them for their beauty and originality.

It’s funny (and Jess and I talked about this last night) because I just finished reading a chapter in The Screwtape Letters on this very topic. The senior devil basically says it’s their job to confuse self-doubt as modesty/humbleness; it’s better to have the person doubt their talent than to have them recognize and use and enjoy it. The trick on our part is to not be proud of that talent (or at least, no more proud of it than you would you be of anyone else’s gifts). In the book he relates being proud of a talent to being proud of your hair color. It’s pointless. It’s not something you gave yourself.

Anyway, I’ve lost my train of thought due to work. The point of it is, I don’t post things to show off, I post to share. On top of that, I figure the inner workings of my mind probably aren’t that interesting to you… well, I don’t even think it’s that. I think it’s the fact that I’m not able to express the inner workings of my mind or life very well in words (at least in a quasi-entertaining format). I just don’t write as well as some of you (I just end up writing like I talk, which is good and bad).

I guess I could include how I created a picture to go along with it, but I don’t think that interests you (at least no one’s ever said “hey josh, that interests me”… except Kori Diamond, who’s secretly reading this as we speak.)

Hope that helps… Jesse.

(did you guys see the Extreme Whammy Face below? that absolutely cracks me up. ...course it'd be funnier if i'd made it, but that's another story.)


Bush said...

If it makes you feel any better, I haven't perceived your posts as egotistical. If I got that vibe, then I'd stop reading.

Hell, what am I saying. I can't read. I just like pretty pictures.

If it's any consolation, my blog is basically just me ranting about things that piss me off on a daily basis.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Hey shut up, Josh Bush!

Just kidding, you're great. :)

Josh said...

Thank you, Josh Bush. I appreciate your input and patronage... unlike some people.

Bush said...

We are talking about a blog here. With any blog, there is always some form of self promotion. I think there is a line here. Sharing what you do is just what a blog is. It's for us, the general audience, the decide if that something is good or not.

If you further went on to describe how incredibly awesome you were, or how inferior everyone else's stuff was, well... then you're an ass. For the record, I should state that you can't be incredibly awesome because I am, and my stuff is always superior. :)

Jokes aside, you can't always worry about how people perceive you. Just do what you do, and those that care will be content. If you get out of line, then those that care will call you out.


Josh said...

my thoughts exactly.

i guess i thought i WAS doing that, but it seems a certain someone decided to call me out... jesse i'm looking in your direction... ;)

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Part of my job is to call you out, babe. I think it's in the by-laws.

Anyway, I didn't mean to cause such a fuss.

Josh said...


i know.

scott said...

whats up josh bush?! if you need another, more pharmacy school- centered, blog, come check it out at www.sburka.blogspot.com


Josh said...

well if it isn't shamus o' shameless.

...soooooooo shameless.

scott said...

scott RULES!