12 September 2007

From Alabama in 1 Day

i won these on ebay for $20, the lady mailed them yesterday, and i just got them in. incredible. the postal service is just... impressive.

i've never had the clogs before (because they seemed mandatory at UT). we'll see how they work out. i figured i could wear these at work for a while since they look faux dress shoe-y.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Let's make sure from now on that your pants are long enough to cover up your ankles in those shoes! You might get in trouble!

Summer V. said...


I totally love mine! I wear them near daily in the winter. I got a snazzy deal on mine off QVC. (yeah I admit it, I bought something off QVC. In my defense, however, it is the only thing I have bought and it has been an awesome purchase)Mine are leather, but look like cords. I have not seen any others like them.

FYI--wearing those puppies without socks will provide a unique aroma in a few weeks!

Josh said...

oh most definitely. this is my first pair of clogs, however, my first pair of birks i had to spray with lysol every night because they got really bad my freshman year. that smell... it was... terrible.

i can't picture what yours look like. picture. i demand picture.