27 September 2007

Bonnaroo "Picture" Contest

so i entered what they referred to as a "photo contest" the other day for Bonnaroo '07. i entered this picture:

The 2007 Fountain

i liked it. i thought it was decent. greatest picture in the world? possibly, but probably not. well they announced the winners today. (just to go ahead and break the tension, i did not, in fact, win.)

the grand prize (and you also submitted a 1 liner with it):

"Center of the Universe - 12:10am Friday"

not bad at all. in fact, i can totally get behind that. nice work, sir.

then there's the first place winner. should be almost as good as the grand prize, right?

"Getting Blown At Bonnaroo"

...what the f??

seriously... i've actually been thinking about what to write in response to this for a few minutes and i'm still speechless...

...i don't even remember it being windy... nothing. i've got nothing.

second place...

"God Save The Queen...From This!"


...and that about wraps it up. i guess it's my fault for misinterpreting "photo." i thought they meant something else... something that had to do with... well, i was wrong. whatever it was, i was wrong.


so here are the ones i guess i should've entered...

"180° from Boobs!"


"The Ever Funny Bonnaroo Death!" (well the title is still on drawing board)


Bush said...

You're just pissed because he looks better in a speedo than you do. heh.

Next year wear a kilt and a life vest. Take a photo of that. Now that's art! Just please don't lift up the kilt.


Josh said...

haha. very true.

yeah next i'll just make my OWN stupid photo. i just didn't know they were looking for quirky/dumb, thus my photo submittal.

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

"Death By Bonnaroo"

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

The first one is quite aptly titled, darling!