28 September 2007


do you ever just hear a song and all of the sudden remember just how much you absolutely love music? yeah, that happened to me this morning. and i don't even really "forget" that i love music, just that i really REALLY love music. so this morning Justice's D.A.N.C.E. refreshed my memory and really just set my day going the right upbeat direction.

check out this original untouched jpeg

now look at the difference running it through photomatix does (and photoshop & neat image)

that's just using a single jpeg and saving it at different exposures in photoshop, then running it in photomatix. pretty awesome.

i got my 50mm lens in yesterday. i LOVE the postal service! they mailed it from IL tuesday morning and i get here yesterday afternoon. awesome.

i really like both of these. one is the B&W action and the other is the Lomography action. both i just use every day. check out the shallow depth of field!

this is jess after i explained just how long "till death do we part" could actually be...

i took some shots like these the other day at centennial park. they're probably nothing special to you, but i really enjoy them. i like taking pictures of "segments" of jesse because it really reminds me how precious all of her is to me; from her little feet to her big eyes, they're all so special. it's easy to forget that when you're in a relationship for a long period of time.

jesse just recently said to me how i'm always talking about all these other things i like so much on my blog and not her, but what she doesnt realize is that i dont generally talk about her because i so much more enjoy posting pictures of her! she's my favorite subject! (and then the cats :) ) so jess, you just have to realize that i probably wont ever talk much about you on here, but that doesnt mean i'm not thinking about you.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Is that why I always hear, "Dudley! Maeby! Look at the camera! Fine, you've missed your chance...Jess,could you come here for a sec?"

Thanks, babe.

jon said...

josh, you never talk about frisbee either...

just f.y.i.

Josh said...

dang it. i don't.

Aaron, Johnna & Catherine said...


Thanks for taking a look at our blog. I wish I could take credit for it but it is all Johnna's doing.

We only have one child thus far (you were apparently under the impression that we had two) although I am praying that I will one day have twelve tribes of my own. We can only take it one at a time though. I can see how easy it is to think we have more since we have so many nieces and nephews. I wish they were all mine!

How are you and Jesse doing? Where are you all located right now? Britain? New York? Nashville?

Anyway, I just wanted to respond to your post on our blog. Sorry for being two to three months late. I had to call Johnna just to figure out how to login.

It was great to hear from you. Be sure to tell Jesse I said hello. Later.


Josh said...

hey aaron

yeah i guess it just looked like you were working your way to twelve. there are a bunch of kids on your blog!

jesse and i are great. we're here in Nashville. although next July we are scheduled to join the peace corps and go to the Caribbean. so we got that going for us.

glad to hear back from you.