26 September 2007

Deals, Deals, and Deals! (and Bloc Party!)

Yesterday was a bit different than usual. I started at 4am and ended at 12.5am this morning. Fortunately, I was able to squeeze a 2hr nap in there, so that helped. Let’s see, so I worked from 5am to 2.5pm yesterday, then I started getting the deals!

First I went to Grimey's to get my Bloc Party ticket and picked up MIA's Kala for $8. it's brand new! EIGHT!

Then I got Knocked Up (2disc special ed.) for $23 at target

Then I got a 2GB flash drive (look at the size! gotta work on not losing these things) at Office Max for $18

THEN I got a 500GB external hard drive for $120 (also at the Max)

And I got my new VGA/component cable in (cause the other one broke) (that’s not really a deal, but it’s still good news)

And finally, I got to see Bloc Party (and Deerhoof and Smoosh) for $22 (which is kind of a lot in my concert world, but it was TOTALLY worth it; Bloc Party freakin rocked.) (i'll post the videos when they finish processing.)

And THEN I finished up working on the birthday photos for Kevin and was able to deliver my first job! And THEN I asked him about them today and he said they came out great. Yeeeeeesssssss. (I’ll put some of those up soon.)

Oh oh oh! And Monday night I got a new 50mm f1.8 lens on ebay for $70! Now the f1.8 probably doesn’t mean anything to any of you, however, what that means is that it has a really large aperture, way larger than normal lenses, and THAT means I can take pictures in much lower light OR get incredible depth of field action like such and such. So I’m excited about that.

And I guess that’s about it. Looks like I need to not spend money this next week. Dang.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Apparently you've just ruined Christmas.

Josh said...

ah dang.

toddman4000 said...

ive been listening to that MIA cd essentially nonstop since i downloaded it the other day. some songs are really weak (jimmy), but.. i love it overall.

m.i.a. comin back with powa (powa)

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

I've heard both Mango Pickle and the Gunshot song on 91.1 coming home from work. Whatever show they've got during that time frame is up on it.

Josh said...

ditto. other than jimmy and hussel, it's just... so fantastic. it actually took me a listen or 2 before i really got into it because it's so different from the first album.

Josh said...

oh oh, but did you see the album art? oh man, so horrendous. i guess it's cool, but it is UGLY cool.