25 September 2007

Check Out That Time Timestamp, Ho.

that's right. and i'd actually been sitting here for about 30min before i remembered to write.

just dropped corey off at the airport. it's early. and Bloc Party plays tonight (late). i'm gonna have sleep somewhere inbetween.

i had my first photog gig this past saturday taking pictures of kids on horses at Kevin's daughter's 2nd birthday party. it was great. it was the perfect sized starter. nothing too critical that if i messed up for a split sec i would miss, but still something for me to get some great experience on.

last night jess and corey and i watched 30 Rock that i borrowed from billy. incredible. we seen a few episodes before, but it's AWESOME to just sit down and run through them on DVD. between alec baldwin, tracy morgan, the paige (i cant think of his name), and tina fey, it's so so funny.

greatest line so far... in the episode where alec baldwin plays poker against jack mcbrayer...

baldwin is so impressed with mcbrayer's poker face (because all he does is smile) and at the end of the episode he beats him in this big poker game (where baldwin has bet him his job). well, he gives him his job back and tells tina fey you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. and then he says...

"keep your eye that one. in 5 years we'll either all be working for him... or be dead by his hand."

priceless. i don't know if it's possible to translate funny through my simple description, but i couldn't find any videos with it.

FOUND IT! watch the whole thing, but the scene i'm referring to starts at 2:00.

more crap that's come to light...

-check out this colorful corey weekend wrap-up!
-a picture of the tallest buildings by state


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Yeah, you need to link up to my page...and his name is Kenneth. :*

Josh said...

i know his name's kenneth, but i would've either had to confuse everyone and start referring to him as such midway through, or go back and call him that from the beginning :)