26 September 2007

My First Photo Gig

so as you may have read below, i was recently commissioned to photograph the world famous Pony Ride at Ava's 2nd Birthday this past saturday. as funny as that may sound, it was truly ideal for a first time job. it was important for me to do well, but it also wouldn't have been the end of the world had something gone wrong. the only thing that really caused concern was the fact that i was actually friends with the "client" (one of my real job bosses) as opposed to them being a complete stranger. however, i'm really proud of the results, i feel like i learned a good bit, and in general, was honored for the opportunity.

below are a few of the ones i really liked (they weren't all in B&W. i just happen to like the B&W best) (i found a fantastic photoshop action to convert color to B&W and i LOVE the results it gives).

because if i ever expect any sort of input, i must ask, so... what do you think?


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

I wonder if we could trade Maeby for that little Asian girl?

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

My two favorites (besides any with the asian beauty) are (1)the dancing baby w/ the pea pod on his shirt. that's so funny. and (2) Ava w/hat and head down, where you can see Birthday on her shirt.